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2018 season TRY OUTS***
Wheat Ridge Area Baseball Try Outs
***for Spring/Summer 2018
Sunday Oct 8, 2017
Manwaring Field
4900 Marshall Street
Wheat Ridge, CO  80033
***Player MUST be registered prior to participating in Try Outs.
Payment is not expected until after team placement.
Players MUST attend Try Outs if they fall into ANY of the below categories.
-ALL players in age groups 12 thru 8, playing Kid Pitch
-Did not play on a team within the Wheat Ridge organization last year
-Moving from one Wheat Ridge team to another Wheat Ridge team.
            Within the same "age" group, but moving teams
            ALL players on teams who are moving up a division
            Moving up an "age" group
**Team placement is NOT guaranteed.**
Players should attend the Try Out time for the age group they are wanting to play with.
Players MUST check in and register 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time.
8s – 11:00am (birth date between 5/1/09 and 4/30/10)
9s – 11:30am (birth date between 5/1/08 and 4/30/09)
10s – 12:00pm (birth date between 5/1/07 and 4/30/08)
11s – 12:30pm (birth date between 5/1/06 and 4/30/07)
12s – 1:00pm (birth date between 5/1/05 and 4/30/06)
13s – 1:30pm (birth date between 5/1/04 and 4/30/05)
14s – 2:00pm (birth date between 5/1/03 and 4/30/04)
Try Outs will run in stations, and will take approx 30 minutes.
If you have any questions, contact Dawn Myrick at cdmyrick@hotmail.com
Thank you!
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